If you have a tech problem... if no one else can help... and if you can find them... maybe you can hire...

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Why "Meet the Experts"?

Is your growth limited ? Do you want to unleash your company potential ?

Our mission is to empower companies and help them finally make it!

"Meet the Experts" is an initiative by 10TEN, available in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Who are the Experts?

Pierre Guillemot

Pierre Guillemot

Software engineer with years of experience scattered on 3 continents, Augmented Reality enthusiast and avid reader.

Loïc Tosser

C-level System Engineer, between Development, Q&A and Operations. Powerlifter and artificial intelligence addict.

Loïc Tosser

Together, these soldiers of fortune are covering more than 50 technologies: mobile apps, websites, cloud, automation, storage, ...

What can you expect?

In 3 hours, our experts can analyze your systems, assess your tech team and everything related to IT.

The expertise will be reported around 5 verticals for you to define your next steps.

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